One on One's NFL Friday

Kenny Ducey and DJ Sixsmith break down the local Jets and Giants games. They analyze the quarterback controversy in San Francisco among other hot topics aroudn the league. The show has its weekly Fantasy and Picks Segments.

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Mack Rosenberg and Kenny Ducey are back for a great week 12 edition of NFL Friday. The guys cover the usual Jets and Giants dissucions with reports from beat reporters Eric Mollo and Joe Vitello. They also go over Fantasy, predictions, and other NFL topics.

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Mike Watts and Kenny Ducey discuss Giants' recent losses with guest Paul Schwartz, Giants Beat reporter for the New York Post. Mike and Kenny talk about the Jets' locker room issues and evaluate the general manager. In the General NFL Segment the guys break down all the backup quarterbacks starting for contending teams this weekend among a few other hot topics. The show concludes with the weekly fantasy and picks segments.

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Mike Watts and Kenny Ducey talk Jets with writer for the New York Post, Anthony Sulla-Hefinger. They disscuss more chatter from Antonio Cromarite and the upcoming game in Seattle. The guys break down the Giants loss to the Steelers and lokk at their matchup with the Bengals. In the General NFL segment, the show stays in the NFC East and discuss the futures of coaches Andy Reid and Jason Garett among other hot topics. In his weekly fantasy segment, Steve Simineri gives you solid start' em, sit' em advice. Finally, the guys have their weekly picks segment.

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Mike Watts and Kenny Ducey disscuss the Jets bye week plus the Giants-Steelers game. Joe Vitiello and Eric Mollo have the latest soundbytes from the Jets and Giants respectivley, in their reports. The guys talk about a record that almost was and more in the general NFL Segment. Finally, they have their weekly fantasy and picks segment.

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