One on One's NFL Friday

After a week off, NFL Friday is back! Jets beat reporter Vinny DeBellis, Jackson Heil, and Chris Boccia sat down to talk about the state of the league.They discussed the Cowboys-Saints game, the Jets matchup against the Titans, and the Giants matchup against the Bears. Emmanuel Berbari was our fantasy expert. 

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On this week's episode of NFL Friday Reed Horner, Devin Clementi, and Jimmy Sullivan discussed the hot topics that you need to know for Week 11. Evan Jaenichen was our fantasy expert.

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On tonight's episode of NFL Friday, Giants beat reporter David Spampinato, Devin Clementi, and Matt Costantini sat down to discuss the headlines of Week 10. They talked about the Pittsburgh situation with Le'Veon Bell, the Steeler- Panthers game yesterday, and the stat of both the Jets and Giants. Jack Regan was our fantasy expert and joined in for the Pick 'Em Segment.

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This week, Jets beat reporter Vinny DeBellis, Reed Horner, and Brendan O'Connell sat down to discuss everything you need to know ahead of all the league's action tomorrow. Jon DeBaroi was our fantasy expert.

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