One on One's NFL Friday (general)

On this week's NFL Friday, Jets beat reporter Christian Goewey, Jack McLoone, and Reed Horner talk about the Jets' potential season-ending loss in Miami, the Giants upcoming MNF matchup against the Bengals and current playoff outlook, Dallas' QB situation, and more. 

Christian Goewey's Jets report and Tom Scibelli's Giants report are at the beginning of the Jets and Giants segments.

Also, Jack McLoone provides fantasy football advice throughout the show.

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On this episode of NFL Friday, Giants' beat reporter Tom Scibelli is joined by David Balick and Brendan O'Connell to talk Week 9. They start off talking about the Thursday night Falcons-Bucs game and debate if Atlanta is the best team in the NFC. They then discuss the Giants' big game against the Eagles and size up the NFC East as a whole. After that, they talk about the upcoming Jets-Dolphins game and what the Jets' chances are of making a run to the playoffs.

As always, they wrap up with the weekly pick 'em segment. 

And Jack McLoone provides fantasy analysis throughout the show. 

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On our Week 8 edition of NFL Friday, Jets beat reporter Christian Goewey, Reed Horner, and David Balick discuss a little Thursday night football before getting into Gang Green's latest win and whether or not they can make a run at the playoffs, as they visit Cleveland this week. Included in the segment is Christian Goewey's Jets report.

The crew then gets into some Giants talk despite them being on a bye week. They listen to Giants beat reporter Tom Scibelli's report, and then discuss Big Blue's standings in the NFC East, as well as Dallas' quarterback debate. 

To finish things off, the guys make their picks for this week's games. 

Also, get this week's fantasy advice from Reed Horner throughout the show. 

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Giants' beat reporter Tom Scibelli, Jets' beat reporter Christian Goewey, and Jack McLoone break down Week 7 of the NFL season. 

They start off with the Packers' Thursday night win over the Bears, discussing the Packer's recent offensive struggles and if the Bears are the worst team in football. 

The guys move on to the local teams, starting off with the Giants and the ugly Josh Brown domestic violence situation. They also talk about the Jets' recent struggles and what to expect with Geno Smith now at the helm. 

Both Giants and Jets segments include this week's reports. 

In addition, Vinny DeBellis gives fantasy football advice throughout the show.

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While the Jets have a must-win game on Monday night, the Giants aren't in a much better position, as they aim to snap a 3 game losing streak in an almost must-win game against the Ravens. Corey Miller, Christian Goewey, and David Balick discuss both team's problems and their respective matchups. They also dive into last night's game and talk about the Cowboys potential QB controversy. 

Both Jets and Giants segments include this week's reports.

In addition, Jack McLoone gives fantasy football advice throughout the show.

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On our Week 5 edition of NFL Friday, Corey Miller, Tommy Aldrich, and Reed Horner have some great debate over the latest in the NFL.

They talked Jets and Giants, as well as Tom Brady's return to the Patriots, and more. Included in the Jets and Giants segments are this week's reports from Jets beat reporter Christian Goewey and Giants beat reporter Tom Scibelli. 

Also, receive fantasy football advice from Tyler Freire throughout the show.

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On this week's edition of NFL Friday, Giants' beat reporter Tom Scibelli is joined by Brendan O'Connell and James Corrigan to talk football. The guys start off talking about the Bengals domination of the Dolphins, and where AJ Green ranks among NFL wide receivers. 

They then talk about both local teams' tough losses in Week 3 and preview their games this week. Finally, they talk about the idea of football in London and everyone then gives their weekly picks. Billy Reinhardt also gives fantasy advice throughout the show. 

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On our Week 3 edition of NFL Friday, Jets beat reporter Christian Goewey, David Spampinato, and Christian Hoban talked about the Patriots' Thursday night football win, Giants, and Jets. They also gave their game predictions around the league and got fantasy football advice from Matt Murphy throughout the show.   

Giants beat reporter Tom Scibelli and Christian Goewey each gave their team reports, as well. 

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Matt Moro and Patrick Burns talk all things NFL in this week's edition of NFL Friday. They started with the head coaching carousel, breaking down all of the new hires and which ones they think will work out best. They then recapped all four of last week's Divisional Round games, before previewing the Conference Championships. Finally, Brendan Bowers and Luke Palmer joined the guys from behind the glass for predictions.

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One on One's NFL Friday Week 13

Kelly Kultys and Drew Casey recap the great slate of Thanksgiving games, from the quarterbacks who performed the best to those players who didn't have their best games. 

They then previewed the upcoming week's games, including the premiere matchup between the Packers and the Patriots. Kelly Kultys and Kristian O'Hara contributed their weekly reports for the New York Jets and the New York Giants on their lackluster seasons. Aniello DeVita joined them to give some insights into the fantasy picture for the week, before producer Tara Sledjeski joined the group for their weekly picks.

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