One on One's NFL Friday

On our NFL Friday season finale, Super Bowl beat reporters Christian Goewey and Tom Scibelli break down the historic game with Drew Casey and Brendan O'Connell. 

They also talk about the Patriots' future and reflect on their week in Houston.

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Jets beat reporter Christian Goewey, John Furlong, and Manny Adeyeye recap the NFC and AFC Conference Championship games on this edition of NFL Friday. They also give their early Super Bowl predictions.

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It's the Conference Championship edition of NFL Friday, and Tom Scibelli, Brendan O'Connell and Brett Lambert are on to recap the past weekend's games and preview the two big matchups on Sunday. They analyze each game and give their predictions for who will be heading to Houston. This episode was produced by John Furlong. 

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The playoffs are here! On this edition of NFL Friday, Christian Goewey, John Furlong, and Reed Horner dive into last weekend's wild-card games, primarily talking about the Giants' disappointing showing in Green Bay. They give their takes on Odell Beckham Jr. and the now infamous boat trip. In addition, beat reporter Tom Scibelli gives his final Giants report. Next, the crew previews this weekend's Divisional Round. Catch their predictions for all four matchups. 

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On the Wild Card round edition of NFL Friday, Giants beat reporter Tom Scibelli, David Spampinato, and Reed Horner preview this weekend's playoff games and give their predictions for this week and beyond. 

They also wrap up the Jets season with Christian Goewey's weekly report.

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On the final regular season episode of NFL Friday, Tom Scibelli, Jack McLoone, and Manny Adeyeye talk Week 17 and the playoff picture. They predict who they think will wind up in the playoffs in both conferences, what the best Wild Card matchup is for the Giants, and what went wrong for the Jets this season. The guys wrap up with their weekly pick 'em segment. 

The Giants and Jets reports by beat reporters Tom Scibelli and Christian Goewey, respectively, are at the start of each team's segment. 

This episode was produced by Tom Terzulli.

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On this Week 16 edition of NFL Friday, Reed Horner, Christian Goewey, and Vinny DeBellis talk about the Giants' loss to Philly last night and where they stand in the playoff race.

They also dissect the Jets' dismal season and their Christmas Eve matchup in New England. Lastly, they give their playoff picture for both the AFC and NFC before making their game picks for this week.

The Giants and Jets reports from beat reporters Tom Scibelli and Christian Goewey are at the beginning of the respective segments. Reed Horner also gives fantasy football advice throughout the show.

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On this episode of NFL Friday, Corey Miller, Brendan O'Connell, and Reed Horner talk all things Week 15. Topics include Giants, Jets, fantasy, and more.

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On this week's episode of NFL Friday, Giants beat reporter Tom Scibelli is joined by Tommy Aldrich and Christian Hoban to talk Week 14 action. They first discuss the Chiefs-Raiders game and where those teams stand in the AFC. They then review the Giants ugly loss to Pittsburgh and preview their big game against Dallas, and the crew wraps up talking Jets and with the weekly pick 'em segment. 

Tom Scibelli's Giants report and Christian Goewey's Jets report are at the start of their respective segments. 

Also, John Furlong provides fantasy analysis throughout the show. 

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On this week's edition of NFL Friday, Corey Miller, Manny Adeyeye, and Brett Lambert have a lot to say about the latest in the NFL. They talk about last night's close game between the Cowboys and Vikings, discuss the Giants and Jets, and make their picks for this week's games. 

At the start of the Giants and Jets segments, listen to this week's reports from beat reporters Tom Scibelli and Christian Goewey.

Also, Matt Murphy tells you all you need to know for fantasy football throughout the show.

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